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Review: Resurrection by Jennifer Hartz

Future Savior #2

Author: Jennifer Hartz
Released: May 31st 2012
Format: eBook
Puchase: Desert Breeze Publishing, Amazon

From Goodreads:
Time matters very little when you're dead. I discovered this intriguing fact after being tortured and stabbed to a tree in the strange land of Meric, a place where I discovered my unbelievable powers and experienced an adventure far more amazing than I could have ever imagined. Now that I'm dead, I find myself stuck in my past, 1991 to be exact… or am I actually dead? Perhaps my adventure to Meric had just been a dream. My unbelievable destiny, all of the friends I made, and even Shaw, the man I fell in love with… just a dream?

My Review:

Resurrection is the second book in the Future Savior series by Jennifer Hartz.
I really enjoyed book one, so, after the immense kindness of the author, who helped me a lot with the launch of my blog, I decided to start book two, for following the adventures of Christina, Shaw, Jonus and so on. Moreover I was very curious about the following book because the ending of book one was really breathtaking! 

In "Resurrection" Christina is forced to face the strongness of her powers and the responsabilities that she needs to take on. The second book is full of lovely events and it is more focused on the love, blossomed between Shaw and Christina. As always, there will be a shocking final twist at the end of the book, that will make you want to know more and start immediately book three. I do not want to write a summary of the book because I hadn't told much about the events in book one so, summarising book two would mean spoilering and spoilering would mean ruining the book. (:

Sincerely, I enjoyed more book one. Most of the ones who have read the series thought that book two was the best among the three but, in my opinion, book one was fuller of tension, suspense and, above all, it gave more room to the description of all the characters. I loved how the author developed the story between the two main characters but, personally, I would have loved to see more of the others, too. By the way, there was one character that was particulary interesting during the book and he was Prince Jonus, Prince of the Elfs. I've never felt attached to him because I could sense his jealousy toward Shaw and Christina so, I was not surprised of his betrayal in book two! In that part of the book I was very involved in the story and I think this is because the author used a fantastic tecnique to make the book more engaging: Christina's powers make her have some visions, about the past, the future, or the present; during the book, the routine of the plot was often positively stopped by Christina's visions, that inform the reader about everything was going on far from the protagonist, or they bring to the surface secrets of the past. It will be a vision, in fact, that will reveal Christina, the secret of Prince Jonus and this skill couldn't have been used more properly: the visions teleport the reader to the past, and in the mean time he/she is still anchored to the present, letting you the possibility to follow the events in different dimensions! Also the beginning of the book was really interesting from this point of view because past, present and future were intertwined and I really couldn't figure out in which temporal dimension were the characters!

The romantic progress in this book is noticeable and the love story is well-developped; Shaw and Christina finally together are adorable but, their relationship is not meant to live without complications! I personally love the soft romanticism of the author and the way she always introduces something to interfere with the utopia of a perfect love. 
What I very missed in book two is the harshness and the warrior climate that was constantly present in the first book! Logically, there were battles and wars during the book but they were always seen from distance or through Christina's visions.
In the end I really liked "Resurrection" even if I prefer "Conception"; in book two we have the possibility to know more about the past and about the protagonist and her family. I really enjoyed that the author has dedicated some space to Rayliex, Leticia's son and a character that I personally love. As in City of Lost Souls, I feel extremely attached to the characters who seem to be devilish but they are only the victim of their parents' influence. 
I really can't wait to read book three because the story is so full of twists and buried secrets, to be revealed in the following book.

Resurrections is a well written book, with a pinch of humor and romanticism, that will lead you through Christina's past present and future. Will she be
able to save Meric after all she faced during this book? Read to know!


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