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Review: Superheroes Wear Faded Denim by Law Reigns

Superheroes Wear Faded Denim

Author: Law Reigns
Published: May 20th 2012
Number of Pages: 428
Format: eBook
Purchase: Amazon

From Goodreads:
Blissany Cherry is tired of sleeping around. Her neurologists’ sleep solutions have failed her. Now that her bizarre sleeping habits have begun to include week long dreams she has resorted to her own methods for a cure.  METHOD ONE: CONTROL DREAMS. All attempts to morph dreams about a gorgeous warrior into romantic fantasies are thwarted. He keeps on insisting she is destined to marry a great king and lead their armies into war. At the end of every dream he asks her: will you fight the war and save mankind? 
She laughs in his face. METHOD TWO: RESIST! Blissany has plans for her life. None include fighting an intergalactic war. When her dreams begin spilling over into reality, she is forced to make a decision that will forever redefine her life. Standing between destiny and desire, she is left with only one option.  METHOD THREE: SURVIVE.

My Review:

Superheroes Wear Faded Denim is a Paranormal/YA novel written by Law Reigns. About a month ago the author contacted me for asking me to review her novel and I was so glad to accept her request. The plot caught me from the first moment I read it and the excerpt she sent me for her guest post just made me more curious about her work.

Blissany has always thought she was just an ordinary girl and she has always lived in the shadow of her man-eater friend Demi. She would have never imagined she would be the Key, Nivide's own creation, the only one who could donate to mankind the possibility to survive to the evil Apollyon. Infact the Earth is seriously threatened by the Low Court, one of the three Realms, where all the evil creatures live; The High Court, populated by the custodiae, angel beings, has the responsability to assure the survival of men. For this reason the Four Highest are taming Blissany's dreams, because she needs to believe in magic or the Earth will pay the consequences. During this hard journey she will discover she's not on her own: Nivide has created another superhero, Don, the Paladin, who will fight on her side against Apollyon. Will Blissany ever accept her destiny? Will Blissany and Don succeed in defeating Apollyon? And what about Wanikiya? The sexy Redemeer who has always been in love with her best friend, Blissany; will she accept his marriage proposal? As always, read to know!( God, I love ending the summary of the plot with questions LOL)

The book was really a curious reading, I really want to warn everyone that the author has a wide imagination. Personally, I've never read something about angels and different Realms, and it was quite entertaining reading something different once in a while. I think that the base idea for the plot was really good and also well-developed but sometimes I was totally lost! In certain points the story was not very clear or too many information were given to the reader and these reasons created a little bit of confusion. There was a precise point in which the whole story about the war and Apollyon was completely lost, replaced by Blissany's desire of revenge against Demi. Anyway, I think these were the only things that didn't convinced me about the book.

There was a great variety of characters and, even if sometimes they seemed stereotyped, they were intriguing. Blissany was a girl with very little self-esteem and her insecurity was not helped by the behaviour of her best-friend Demi, who always won against her on everything. Despite her insecurity about her physical appearance she had a great personality; she was very, very stubborn and I hated when she refused to believe in what was happening for so many times. I mean, at a certain point, you can't deny the reality of circumstances anymore.Then there was Demi, the classic competitive Barbie Girl ( with dyed hairs); I spent most of the book hating her because she really was a bitch but then, at the end, the author has completely transformed her character. In the last few chapters she was possessed by a fimus, a demon from the Low Court, who revealed her the blackness of her soul. The revelation completely changed her, causing her a mental breakdown who led her to become a better person, someone who would not throw away your clothes just because of her jealousy! Don, instead, was the Paladin, the fighter who has accompained Blissany during her mission and a really adorable person. He has Asian origins and that made me think about an handsome guy, with straight dark hair and pale skin!! Mmmmh, by the way, at the beginning I didn't understand what joke he was playing, because I imagined he liked Blissany even if he had a relationship with Demi, but, in the end I figured out how nice he has always been. He stayed with Demi even in those moments when she was pretty much a demon and their love was tormented, really. They were together but they didn't realised how much they needed each other until the very end.And at least, but not last, Wanikiya, the most kind character ever. He was so nice with everyone (except for Don LOL) and he was so charming, and not only for his personality! But  I don't feel like I've been particulary tied to his character.

In the end, I really enjoyed reading this book because I really liked the framework  in which the author set the story. I would recommend the book to all Fantasy lovers but especially to those who are fascinated by angels!


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  1. This book definitely sounds interesting! Great Review and the author has such a cool name :)

    1. Thank you for checking out the review and showing support.

  2. Thank you very much for the awesome review.


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