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Review: Pledged by Gwynneth White

Soul Wars Saga #1

Author: Gwynneth White
Published: June 13th 2012
Number of Pages: 503
Format: eARC
Source: Received from the Publisher
Purchase: Smashwords, Amazon

From Goodreads:

Everyone has a soul mate. But what do you do when your soul mate would rather give his soul to the demons than be with you?
Seventeen-year-old Erin has a problem. Seth has been hers forever, but now an ancient curse is tearing him away. And the demons who invoked it will stop at nothing – even murder – to claim him as their own. How can she win against a curse so binding that it has damned countless others to this same fate – an eternity alone? The answer lies in the past. To find it, Erin and Seth must risk all, travelling back in time to a dangerous world where love is forbidden, and life – and death – hang on a pledge. Follow Erin and Seth as they travel to ancient Shenaya and confront the curse that has plagued their families for millennia. Caught in a war between the Angelic Guardians and the Gefallen, the disembodied dead, they must fight to keep their souls in tact and their love untainted.

My review:

Seth and Erin have never met before, or at least this is what they've first tought the first time they've seen each other. Due to the marriage between Erin's sister and Seth's brother, Seth is forced to fly to where it used to be Shenaya and where his brother has set an excavation site, to search for an ancient diamond known as the Seer' Stone.But when Seth and Erin will be transported into the diamond itself, in the Mist of Time, they'll know that that was not their first encounter and neither will be the last .Dragged in a world of time travelling, soul mates, Guardians, Gefallens, prophecies and curses Erin and Seth will have to stick together if they want to solve the curse and save their soul-mates friends. But how can this be possible if Seth is not intentioned to betray his brother for his soul mate? 

Well I think this is one of the most particular, original but at the same time muddled book I've ever read. Even though I've finished it I'm full of doubts about it, and I really don't know how to feel about it! Let's say that the book has all the ingredients of a good Fantasy book but somehow it didn't really caught me, at least not until the end. For the whole book the story paced really slowly and, in particular, I think that what disturbed me most were the time travels.As soon as I picked up the book I know it was an important point of the book, but I didn't thought the whole story would have revolved around it; I felt like there was so much of the past but nothing of the present. It seemed to me that it was given more time to the protagonists of the past instead to those of the future. Still, as I was saying, the last part of the book was the one who caught me most, maybe because the plot proceeded more speedily, with twists and revelations that where missing in the first part, or maybe because it was given more space to Seth and Erin, the soul-mates' couple of the Present. I just know that as soon as I finished the book, even with all the problems I had with it, I wanted more. Seriously, I can't explain to myself the sensation I felt, but I've not even felt the end coming; so when I read "End of Book One" I was shocked.In a few words I think that Pledged is really a particular read, with some very original elements, that you could like or not, as I did, but in the end is a really captivating book and you found yourself travelling along with Seth and Erin through past, present and future. And whether or not you 'll agree with some of the author's choices, you will definitely want more, and more, book by book. YES, that's EXACTLY how I feel! 
Speaking of the characters, the soul-mates I loved most were Jared and Sophia, both strong and ready to sacrifice themselves rather than to pledge to Reuel. I think also Erin was a strong one and I really adored her, that's probably why I was so upset she and Seth had so little space on book one; I loved how she felt "real", with her mood swings, her unexpected attacks of romance and her stubborness. Seth and Caled, instead, they didn't really leave a sign, in my opinion and neither does Talitha. I was a bit disappointed that Talitha practically disappears in book one but I think (and hope) her character will be reintegrated in book two.

There's nothing much to say; I apologize for the twisted review, but it is as twisted as I feel in this moment. Pledged is an original Fantasy book that I recommend for the variety of topic that it deals with and for everyone of you who likes to travel through time.


Favourite quotes:

" Yes, my friends. There are things far worse than death. It's the loss of one's soul mate for which one must truly mourn."

"Here first thought was to walk out and leave him in his icy world, but she couldn't. As helpless as a comet pulled into the orbit of a giant planet, she was drawn to him. It was unstoppable. She wanted to fight the collision - after all, it was her heart that would be shattered by the impact - but her longing for him was too strong."

" Love. Such a tedious emotion. But strong enough to melt a frozen heart."

"I didn't invite you here."
"Not in words, no." he agreed, giving her a quizzical look. " But sometimes body language shouts    louder than any pretty speech."

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