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Release Day Party: Dazzle + Give@away!

Today is the release day party for Dazzle, by Amber Garza, Congratulations!
I really liked the sound of this book and I thought you may be interested to,
so here the basic informations about the book:

Delaney's Gift Series #1
Author: Amber Garza
Genre: YA Paranormal
Number of Pages: 354

Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott possesses a special gift. Ever since she was a child, she has known about her calling and the duty she’s expected to fulfill.
However, all Delaney wants is to be normal. That’s why she is drawn to Sam. He can offer her the life she’s always desired. Only Sam has secrets of his own.
Secrets that are deadly. Secrets that can change everything.

Delaney's Gift Series 
Book Trailer

About the author:
Amber Garza lives in California with her amazing husband, and two beautiful children. Amber has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. As an adult she has worked hard to make her dream of being a published a reality.
She is the author of Christian teen thrillers- the Prowl Trilogy, and the suspense novel, Engraved.
Dazzle is the first book in her new young adult paranormal romance series.

There are two amazing giveaways going on today;one is Tour Wide 
and includes: temporary tattoos, ecopy of Dazzle as well as any other
book from Amber and bookmarks; the other giveaway is for one lucky
commenter at Sara In Bookland and it includes a bookmark and an ecopy 
of Dazzle. So.. Comment! You could be the lucky one! :) OPEN TO US

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  1. Sounds awesome. Thx for the giveaway.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway. Dazzle sounds really good. Congratulations on the release.

  3. sounds a great book....thx u for the chance of win ;)

  4. WOW this book sounds really interesting. I wanna know what theses secrets are...AH! I MUST KNOW>_< U GOT ME looking into this book now. ^_^ Loving the cover.

  5. Trying to thwart destiny, huh? Oh, these stories are always interesting!

  6. Dazzle sounds great! Thank you for the chance to win :)


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