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Cover Reveal: Dead Harvest by Tracey Phillips and Jeanette Battista

Today another Cover Reveal! I love so much cover reveals because
you don't know what are you going to post until the very end! But now,
let's talk about the book:

Dead Harvest
Genre: Young Adult/Urban Fantasy
Release date: 13th November 2012

Someone’s been raising the dead and it’s J’s job to find out who. As a detective operating in the Underworld, J—with her powers of shadow manipulation—is uniquely equipped for the job. What she isn't counting on is the help of an escapee from a mental institution who seems to attract trouble just by existing.
It’s up to J and T—two very unlikely allies—to find the necromancer and bring him before the Underworld Balance Magistrate for judgment before the human world gets wise to the dead walking among them.

And now, finally, the cover!
*drum rolls*

Impressions: A little creepy, isn't it? Well, I like the red teardrops, that emerges from the completely white cover. And the statue.. For those of you who're watching American Horror Story Asylum, doesn't it look like the one in the tv-series? Maybe it's my imagination, I'm becoming obsesses with that LOL.

Back to us, are you planning on reading Dead Harvest? What do you think of the cover? 

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