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Review: The Exemeus by Folami and Abeni Morris

The Exemeus (#1)
Published: January 3rd 2013
Publisher: Royal Colours Ink
Format: eARC
Source: Received from the authors, blog tour
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From Goodreads
Her short life was devoted to love and to hate. Love of the man who stole her heart, hate for the man who stole the world. Murdered by the government she swore to destroy, fate has given her another chance to make it right. But to save the planet, she needs the help of the most powerful mystic the world has ever seen—unfortunately he hasn’t been born yet. 

In a world where fear is the only currency, Dephon has committed the ultimate crime: inspiring hope.

His only goal is to make it safely through ninth grade, but on a post-apocalyptic Earth run by the Treptonian government, it isn’t that simple. Heir to a legendary power, Dephon Johnson is the only threat to the government’s rule. And on Trepton, all threats must be eliminated. When hundreds of assassins are dispatched to neutralize him, Dephon is forced to fight back. His only chance of survival is to enlist the aid of the greatest warrior the world has ever known. The only problem is, she's been dead for 13 years.

My Review
The Exemeus was a great dystopian book full with magical adventures and impossible loves. I was immediately caught up by the plot and I knew this was going to be something great!
I have to say this was not like any other dystopian book I have read before, and despite the fact that it was set up in a different society I would say that the main theme of this book was magic. What I found really interesting, despite the plot itself, was absolutely the idea of the Exemeus. I thought it was great, but at the same time extremely awkward, to have a book (or a series of books) in which there were all your thoughts! I loved the choice of the authors to tell Hyalee's  story by reading her Exemeus because it gave to the readers the chance to understand exactly what she was going through and her feelings. Moreover it gave me the possibility to follow two different stories at the same time, Hyalee's and Dephon's, withouth too much confusion; it was like if you could travel with Dephon among the past and the present! I was also quite surprised by Dephon's character too, finally a male protagonist! I think that one of the things I enjoyed most was the use of magic and in general the magical context in which the story took place; especially, I found  Hyalee's room awesome, the one that changed according to her thoughts and feelings and everytime she was in the moment of opening her room's door, I was always so excited to discover how that place would have changed. Maybe the only thing that I should count as a "con" is the book's lenght, but this is not exactly something negative because the authors did a great job in making the book very easy and funny to read. They also used a lot of irony while writing and, strangely, I did like this aspect of their writing's skills even if usually, I tend to like more a concrete and serious way of writing.

Dephon was such a cute character! I fell in love with him since the first moment! From the beginning he was presented as a shy and insecure boy, who was bullied by his school mates and left alone by the others; he practically had no friends and appearently, not a goal in his life, until the arrival of Mallea. With the discovering of his importance he acquired, day by day, a little bit of confidence in himself and this changement had been such an emotion to me!
Hyalee was on the other hand my favourite character of this book. She was, just like her son Dephon, quite a modest girl, who has always passed unnoticed by everyone, until that day when the handsome Singleton hit her with his football ball. I loved how her powers made her a beautiful and charming woman and yes, I loved how perfect and particular her hair looked everyday! I think her relationship with Singleton was simply amazing and I'm usually the one who always criticizes about love! Theirs instead was gentle but at the same time a burning passion and their conversations and the moments they shared together, just felt so natural.

An incredible dystopian book that every Paranormal lover should read. Love, revenge, loss and magic, what else would you want for the perfect mix?

Rated 4,00

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  1. I saw this on another blog and nought it looked neat. Now that you mention it's magic-heavy, I gotta read it!

    1. Yes, Elisabeth, if you love magic you definitely should read it :)


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