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Movie Review: The Perks of Being A Wallflower

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Based on the homonyme book by Stephen Chbosky

Director: Stephen Chbosky
Production: Summit Entertainment

My Review

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower was an amazing film, full of fantastic actors and beautiful soundtracks. Everybody told me the book was great but I would have never thought that the story would impress me SO much!

The story is presented as a series of letters between Charlie, the protagonist, and Micheal, an old friend (who committed suicide the year before), he wrote to, to have someone to whom he could tell all his problems and experiences about High School. Infact, Charlie was quite a particular guy, evidently full of social and psycological problems, that are treated very superficially at the beginning but that will then deepened at the end of the film. Charlie had no friends until he met Patrick and Sam, sister-brother, that will welcome Charlie in their circle; this relationship will give him finally the possibility to have new experiences and discover emotions such as love, friendship and trust.

The film touched some really tough themes, like dealing with drugs, depression, abuses and in general violence. I was really impressed by how lightly these themes were treated and I really didn't feel the heaviness of them. I think Charlie's character was absolutely the best part of it, and I am sure that everyone who saw the film, saw also a little bit of him/herself in him. I really think that High School can be traumatic for some teens even if, fortunately, I am not living it that way. Still, I can see everyday guys and girls bullied and mocked by the queens and kings of school and this film just made me reflect a bit about this huge problem. We always judge and make fun of others without really knowing them and sometimes we cause pain to those who already must endure much. I think Logan Lerman was perfect for the role, he has such a sweet face! And even if someone could say that he was not very expressive sometimes, I think his eyes simply reflected all Charlie's emotions.

 I was so amazed by Emma Watson's performance, because she perfectly fit the role, though it was SO different from the character of Hermione Granger; I was so used to see her as a shy girl, that I was completely struck by how good she was as Sam. I personally had mixed feelings about her character but then she finally realised what was best for her and she learned how to respect also herself, first of others. Useless to say that I completely fell in love with Ezra Miller and his character! He was AMAZING and in my opinion he was the best actor in the cast; I appreciated how strong his character was but at the same time how fragile and patient he was because of love. Something I particulary liked was that he didn't let his lover take his dignity away and, even if he was madly in love, he put his dignity first of everything and everyone, something his sister was not quite good at.

I think the shots were perfect and the lights something paradisiac: the scene in which they are in the car, with the wind in their face and the lights of the city cast across them was terrific. And the soundtracks were also perfect, finally a film with good music!

Well, I don't know what else to say, just GO SEE THIS MOVIE, NOW. A movie that will make you reflect about important themes and that I am sure will move you so much.


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