giovedì 26 febbraio 2015

I've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award !

YAY! This is my first nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award and I wanted to thank you Natasha Anne first, because she is a dear follower and second, for this nomination ! You can find her @ Dreamland : A teenage fantasy 

Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award

*If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.
*Thank the person who nominated you. :)
*Link back to their blog. They'd be ever so grateful!
*Select blogs or bloggers for the award (ones you recently discovered or follow regularly)
*Nominate them for the award (remember to notify them once you do!)
*Lastly, tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself. Easy as that!

7 things about me

1. I am a serious chocolate addicted. I could eat it all day without feeling ill. I like
chocolates of all kinds and particulary like orange chocolate.
2. I love studying (I know, it's insane... I'm still trying to figure this out).
3. I have a passion for English literature
4. I am a couch potato who loves complaining about her flat body
5. I love pets, I had turtles, bunnies, parrots, cats and dogs. For the moment I just have
a funny dog, Luna, and an evil little cat called Sophie
6. This year I started studying chinese at university and I completely fell in love 
with their writing.
7. I have absolutely no creativity, of any kind. 

And now!
My nominees are ...

Kristie @ Lost In Ever After

Thanks so much for the fun !

3 commenti:

  1. Thank you for the mention Sara! I love your blog and your content, so I hop in here every so often!

    I love chocolate too, especially mint chocolate :P Likewise! I also love animals. If I weren't staying with my housemates, I would have a house full of dogs, I used to have one but she died just 2 years ago :( That is so cool! I am a fluent Chinese speaker and writer, good luck in your course! Would definitely look forward to conversing with you in Chinese!

    Pfftt..creativity and me are parallel to each other, never touching!

    Love your post Sara. Have a happy weekend :)

  2. reallyyyy? You are a fluent chinese speaker?! Whyyy? I am so envious xP I would love talking with you too, that would be such a great exercise for me !! I just need to practice a little more though, it's just my first (half) year ^^

    Thank u Natasha ! Have a great weekend too

    1. Haha! Well I live in Malaysia, so I have learned Chinese since I am in middle school, Mandarin is quite a widely used language here :D

      If you need any help I am always eager to help! :D I am sure with more practice you will be a great speaker in no time :D It looks hard, but it isn't really that hard once you get the hang of it :P Although I have to say, the language takes a whole lot of determination and effort to master.

      Have fun!


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