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Hi everyone !
If you came up to this section of my blog it means that you are probably an author that wants to be featured at Sara In Bookland. Before sending me an email, please keep count of my reading preferences:

My Favourite Genres
- Historical Romances
- Contemporary Romances
- YA
- Dystopian
- Fantasy

I also enjoy reading
-Women fiction

Genres I can't stand
-Christian fictions

I love organising interviews, guest posts, and promo posts, so... DON'T BE SHY ^^

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  1. Hello,my name is Folami Morris- author of The Exemeus. I wanted to thank you so much for having me on your blog last month. I was also wondering if you could post your review on amazon and Barnes and Nobles. I would love if more people can see it. Thank you.

    1. Of course, unfortunately I can't post it on Amazon because on the Italian version you can only post a review if you have purchased a copy of that book, and I haven't, but I will gladly post it on B&N. (:

  2. ciao Sara! grazie per questo blog. questo e' il mio nuovo romanzo (in Ingese) se interessa a te oppure i tuoi followers.
    I understand you are not currently reviewing books, but if you change your mind I'd love to hear from you.

  3. Hello! I am trying to find your email address to ask about reviewing my dark fantasy, HEART: a visceral fantasy (available at Amazon or Thank you so much!

    1. I am so sorry, I modified the post recently and I completely forgot to put my email on display. You can send me an email here :

  4. Hello Sara,

    I am an author, and I have two thriller/suspense books that I hope you would love to read and review.

    KILLER OF KILLERS is a martial arts thriller: The synopsis (and author information) is ready to read on the following publisher's link:

    My other book is The Vase, and it's more of a suspense story which takes place in Nazareth, Israel. Here's the publisher's link where you can read the synopsis:

    Let me know and I will email you a PDF attachment of one or both books. Here's my blog link:

    Here's the links to Amazon:
    Killer of Killers:
    The Vase:

    And Goodreads:
    Killer of Killers
    The Vase

    Mark - Email:

  5. Hello,
    I would love to have a fair review of my new release A Lady's Vanishing Choices/ historical romance mixed with suspense. If you accept, I can send a pdf. Please let me know
    Ronelda w/a Wareeze Woodson
    Amazon link:

  6. Dear Sara, even though your book review does not include nonfiction, but this one l believe you might like to review for me. It is a nonfiction on why parents needs to discuss sex with their kids. It could help to curtail child sexual abuse and help teenagers to make the right choice about sex. l will appreciate it if you will be willing to review it for me. It is about 12,500 words. Warm regards! Oladele.

  7. Lest l forget, my email address is in case you decided to consider my request. Gracias!


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